Friday, April 23, 2010

Seeing the doctor

Today is "go to the doctor" day. Ohhhhh how fun. It's funny, part of me wants to run to the doctor and demand help and another part of me is pulling the other way saying...NNOOOOOOOOOOOO run, run away fast! The main thoughts are these...

They really don't care, you are just patient #3 for the day.

They are not trying to find the answers, they are trying to push the pills that the guy in the suit with the big pharmaceutical sample bag, in the waiting room is pushing.

They don't really listen, and definitely don't understand.

If they change your meds you're gonna be all "woo-woo" and what will your personality be like then?

Those are just a few of the things racing around my head. Needless to say, I am thrilled to be going! I will update on how things go.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bipolar Art Therapy - A better day

(Just laying down the first colors)

Bipolar scattered thinking does get in the way a lot but, being creative and submerging in some kind of artistic endeavor is almost always therapeutic for me. Yesterday I did force myself to get things together and paint a little. I am glad I did as it did give me a little lift and I must say that it feels nice to title my post today. It is amazing sometimes how long it takes to 'get things together'. Laying out all the paints, brushes, water, etc. must have taken over an hour and everything was right there within reach! It seems like my brain runs fast but my body's reactions are like trying to hike waist deep through pudding.

Hubby got batteries for my camera so above is a picture of the water color I am working on (kinda fuzzy,sorry) I will add progress photos of artwork to the slide show at the top right of the blog as I go along and below are the crochet pieces I mentioned in my other post.

I will keep posting progress as I go along.

Here is a great article I stumbled across today. This is something which I really believe in and helps me personally. See what you think.

Craft Therapy for Mood Disorders

Another feature I will have time to time on the blog is my movie pick for the night. I enjoy my Netflix and certainly get my money's worth!

Tonight's Netflix Pix

The Glass Menagerie

(Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie)
1973NR105 minutes

Katharine Hepburn makes her television dramatic debut as overbearing matriarch Amanda Wingfield in Tennessee Williams's poignant play. Amanda's unrealistic dreams for her children's futures threaten to smother her painfully shy daughter (Joanna Miles) and her aspiring writer son (Sam Waterston). Michael Moriarty plays the gentleman caller whose visit disrupts the family's precarious balance. Moriarty and Miles won Emmys for their performances.

Katherine Hepburn is always great and I'm looking forward to this one!

If you are bipolar I would love it if you would become a follower here and we could keep tabs on one anothers experiences. I would especially love to see your creative work if you enjoy that as much as I do!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get something accomplished.....riiiight.

I did say yesterday that I might crochet or knit or even paint right. Well that didn't exactly work out. What is it with being bi-polar that actually paralyzes you making it impossible for you to do the things you want to do? It's a numbing disease. Nothing matters in this netherworld of endless grey. Yes, I'm taking my meds so why don't they work? I go to my doc tomorrow so we will see what happens. It will be the first time I've been out of the house in weeks.

I am going to force myself to paint today. Put on some classical music and just see what happens. I discovered yesterday that I need to get some new batteries for my camera so I won't be able to put up pictures until I do. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Priority One

It is because I am going through a very rough patch right now that I have started this blog. In fact, since arranging the first page it has taken me a week to make this first post. I guess it's the buried fear of having to face things head on and seeing it starring back at me. Oh well, dont' dwell....hey that's good, think I'll keep it. I'm calling it "Bipolar Xpress" because I do sometimes feel I'm on an out of control train ride and also because it will be the place where I can freely express the things I go through.

Anyway, if you are bi-polar or have researched the many people who are, you will notice that many are extremely creative. I too fit into this category and I don't mind's a pretty impressive category. (see right column) Many people who know me can't believe how many arts and crafts I pursue, sometimes all at the same time lol!

The main problem is to have the concentration to finish the things! I did discover one key to this dilemma a few years ago, rotation. As long as I keep rotating my projects I can deal with the boredom that comes over me (and resulting depression) and move onto the next thing. That way I am always making progress and have more of a chance of finishing them. Right now I am on a crochet and knitting kick. Of course I am working on two little baby blankets and will post progress.

Priority one for me right now is peace and quiet. I don't even like loud TV, I especially hate loud yelling commercials...why do they do that anyway....just because you yell at me to buy something won't make me do it! In fact it makes it less likely. I much prefer classical music, and an open window so I can hear the birds.

Until next time that's my bi-polar blip for today!



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